Living your life finally feeling like you're perfectly equipped to handle all of it. You are confident in who you are, no longer trying to fit in or change yourself to be liked or accepted. Your mind is more relaxed, your emotions are easier to navigate and anxiety and guilt are no longer your default state. You can speak your truth, embrace social situations with ease, and let yourself be seen in all areas of your life. You're in charge of your life, backing yourself 100% and creating a life that you love living...

The Embodied Empowerment Coaching Package is designed for deeply-feeling humans to break free from overthinking everything, and start healing wholly - not just 'managing' your feelings and hoping the negative thoughts will go away.

With the unique combination of Mindset Coaching, Breathwork, Nervous System Regulation and Hypnotherapy, you'll learn to liberate yourself from the insecurities, doubts and fears that have been keeping you from feeling at home in who you are and taking charge of your life.

If you've been struggling for a while, are fed up reading every personal development book under the sun without getting any results or sitting through endless therapy sessions where you don't feel truly understood - this is for you.

Does this sound like you?

Making decisions, offering opinions and pretty much just putting yourself in the driver seat of your life feels like an impossible task

You feel like you have no control over your emotions and negative thoughts

Your mind is filled with anxiety a lot of the time, often replaying anything stupid or embarrassing you think you've done and of course worrying what others must be thinking about you

You're fed up of feeling like there's something inherently wrong with you, and that you can't live with as much ease, simplicity and confidence as everyone else seems to

No matter what you try, you seem to keep ending up stuck, getting in your own way and pulled back into old patterns

This package is for you if:

You're ready to stop going in circles and finally understand how to help yourself make concrete change that truly lasts

You want to take charge of your mind so you can feel good about who you are, comfortable in your own skin and free of concern of what others think of you

You know it's time to conquer emotional overwhelm and start confidently handling all of your feelings with ease, without trying to numb them out or resort to unhelpful coping mechanisms

You can feel that it's time to start really living more fully, putting yourself out there, and living life on your terms free of 'should's or expectations.

You're committed to creating change and freedom, not just for yourself but so your relationships, your work and your day-to-day experience can finally flourish.

Your Pathway to Embodied Empowerment Consists Of:

Transform your inner narrative so it goes from being like an inner bully to more of an inner best friend. You'll learn to release limiting beliefs, turn down the noise of the mind and let go of constantly overthinking everything.

Swap insecurity for inner security through the power of the breath. Through nurturing your nervous system in this practice, you'll let go of stress and anxiety and begin to feel safety and peace within yourself that you can take into anything.

Receive personalised self-hypnosis audios, meditations and visualisations to transform your mind at deeper levels and give you tangible tools to accelerate your growth from the inside out.

When you sign up, you'll receive:

✅ 12x 1:1 Weekly Coaching sessions with Yvonne to rewrite your mindset so that it works for you, not against you. You'll learn to stop tolerating thoughts in your mind that are creating worry, shame and self-doubt, instead replacing them with empowerment, ease and a supportive voice within.

✅ PLUS Messenger Access - Direct voice note and text support between sessions so you can ask Yvonne any questions, share realisations and have her in your back pocket encouraging, motivating and reminding you of your power whenever you need it.

✅ Healing Breathwork Sessions to give you a free and simple way to deal with strong emotions, connect to calm and confidence and instil an unwavering inner resilience. You can have live sessions tailored to your journey or dip into the extensive library of recorded sessions that you get access to, to build a consistent practice and support your nervous system.

✅ Personalised Empowering meditations, visualisations and self-hypnosis audios recorded specifically for you by Yvonne, to accelerate your progress efficiently and effectively.

Access to Yvonne's whole library of resources to immediately dive into and start equipping yourself with years' worth of insights, knowledge and tools.

✅ PLUS Free access to the Liberated Living membership during your package, that consists of an extensive catalogue of masterclasses, with new ones added every month, plus breathwork sessions both live and recorded as well as a community of like-minded individuals to share the journey with.

What do past clients say?

How to get started?

1. Click the button below to book in for your free, no obligation 45 mins - 1hour discovery call. This will allow us to have a good chat about where you're at, what you would love to get out of working together and to ensure we'd be a good fit.

When you book you will have the option to provide more information about yourself and what you're seeking so that you can get the most out of our time together. You can also ask any questions you have either here or on the call.

2. If working together feels like a good fit, and you'd like to move forward, payment is required to secure your spot.

3. Your first session will be booked in and you'll get immediate access to your online suite of resources as well as your messenger support.

About Your Coach

Hi, I'm Yvonne. Your Coach and Breathwork Teacher guiding you home to the wholeness of who you are.
Having overcome panic attacks, depression, social anxiety and an eating disorder, I get what it's like to feel like your mind is your biggest enemy and there's something innately wrong with you. I went from therapist to therapist feeling like no one understood me or were truly hearing me. I didn't want to just 'manage' my symptoms or stick a label on my experience, I wanted to heal and live freely.
After trying numerous places and methods, I finally found somewhere that 'got it' and I began my journey of full recovery. What struck me about this place, and why I believe it worked for me, is the people Coaching me had been in my position themselves. They showed me that freedom is truly possible and they heard me in a way that I hadn't experienced before.
When I recovered, I felt deeply called to support others in the same way. I wanted to be that light of hope that guides people out of the dark and into a place of true empowerment, connectedness and real aliveness.
I trained as a Life Coach to do this, and have since been Certified in Mindfulness Based CBT, ED Recovery, Breathwork and Meditation Teaching and Hypnotherapy, with additional studies in Integrative Somatic Parts Work, Nervous System Regulation and the True Nature of Depression.
In my Coaching I bring together my areas of expertise with my deep passion and commitment to empower people to dare to live a life they love living.

"After sessions with Yvonne I feel better about myself than I have in a long time. I have been to many counsellors over the years but the approach Yvonne takes is truly life changing. She doesn't just make you talk about things but coaches you in how to deal with them going forward. Honestly couldn't recommend her enough and I am so glad I decided to reach out to her."